More Pictures

Here are some other pictures from yesterday, I continued to explore more using the light. I think I like more the results of today than yesterday. But then again that is just me. And I have alot more from yesterday than the day before. Which is awesome. My favorite person to photograph is back on my in my pictures. Enjoy.


  1. oh the second one is so good! and the puppy one is adorable.....Eiii you have puppy mail!

  2. nice photos. the one of the little girl is so cute. Nice photography skillz!!

  3. VERY VERY nice pictures!

    btw, im prom Puerto Rico

  4. Ohh! Is that you on the first?!
    And the little girl + the baby + the guy + the dog!
    AHH I love I love!

  5. the little girl one's lovely!
    nice work!


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