Black and White

Today I went to photo club and learned how to use the flash I thought it was pretty cool and I am also trying to thinknew ideas for me to use or experiment with. I also showed my pictures that I have been playing around with different settings or effects might be the right word on the pictures. They recomended me to change the picture of the old men playing chess to black and white i never thought of that and now that i did it is awesome. The light stands out so much more and it is just good.
From now on I will try it to all my pictures that light is my subject. Here it is and some other ones that I changed.

*This weekend I went to the dessert I have no idea where it was but it was far. It was very early and the sun was high like 7 am and I am sitting in the car trying to take pictures, that is very hard some focused on something and others were blurry and some where surprisingly well, by that i mean everything was in focus...I also played around with a new lens! Ther fisheye it is good and has a really cool effect the hard thing that i noticed is that it doesn't zoom in. Bummer. But it made the trees stand out, well the ones that i wanted. Here are the results.

*This are with the normal lens.


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